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Improve conversations with CloudCall

We believe it’s important for businesses to understand the value of their conversations, how to have them productively and know how they can improve them.

That’s why we created our new eGuide, titled ‘Keep your customers happy: the power of combining data and communication to build better relationships’, which…pretty much does what it says on the tin.

It just clicks.

We wanted to give companies insight into how they can use the phone to have more productive conversations with their customers, using the right channel, at the right time.

We used the data we found from our research to create some strategies for business, on how using a CRM integration can help them to improve conversations.

Reduce agent intervention

It’s clear, that phone calls get results. We found that 49% of businesses who have seen a surge in inbound traffic, say it’s because customers want a faster response.

Customers opt to pick up the phone (45%) over other forms of contact such as self-serve on a website (20%) or email (24%).

However, knowing that your customers prefer to dial a number is only half the story.

If businesses are able to identify which processes can be machine managed, they can then save time, money and manpower and put this to good use elsewhere.

If a customer calls and they would usually go straight through to an agent, by using simple methods such as an IVR (Interactive Voice Response), you can then ease the pressure on your contact teams and direct your resources elsewhere.

Create virtual queues

Reducing queue times is the number one priority for call centers, with nine out of ten businesses seeing this as a significant priority.

Queue times increase pressure on your call center teams and cause dissatisfaction for your customers.

Our research shows that this discontent leads to nearly half (46%) of all customers stating they had bought somewhere else or cancelled a contract because they struggled to get in touch with a supplier.

Have no fear though, dear reader, as the technology is there to reduce the burden on your call center teams.

At the most basic level, automated messages for simple questions such as business opening hours are a quick win.

Automated messaging and direct routing mean that routine calls can be dealt with quickly, efficiently and (often) without the input of a live agent.

CRM integration means better data

Our research found that only 38% of businesses hold all of their data on a single CRM system.

Ensuring your agents have access to a single CRM system holding all customer’s data saves time and allows for a more seamless customer experience.

When customers speak to an agent they want them to be able to access all of their data, without having to repeat previous conversations.

It’s not surprising that over three quarters of businesses see giving their customer service agents access to account details and customer history a priority.

Allowing your agents to have the same information at the same time on a single system with a quality integration gives the agent all the tools they need to serve customers with multi-channel journeys.

To find out more about how a CRM integration could benefit your business and improve your workflows, then take a look at our eGuide ‘Keep your customers happy’, or book a demo with one of our team.

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