hyperscaler technology

CloudCall o1: hyperscaler technology ready to elevate your business 

If you’re unfamiliar with hyperscaler technology, in short, it refers to computing architecture designed to scale, be flexible and to perform at a level never seen before. This means you can leverage vast networks of interconnected servers, increasing data processing and storage. 

For you, this means unparalleled reliability and scalability, seamless connections, and best-in-class security. Hyperscalers are the products you should be investing in. Period. And it is why CloudCall’s revolutionary new product – CloudCall o1 – is deliberately different. As the only unified communications platform built for businesses that use CRMs, it should be on your radar. 

Here’s why: 

One platform, multiple devices 

With a unified experience across desktop, mobile and web, CloudCall o1 provides a seamless and consistent user experience. This enables you to drive your team’s productivity. By letting them work in their preferred way, you unlock the potential of effortless teamwork. This improves employee satisfaction and increases candidate placements. 

Unbreakable foundations and infrastructure 

CloudCall o1 delivers the industry gold standard for uninterrupted service. Unlike many platforms, we built our infrastructure in-house. So, you can say goodbye to third-party plugins and their multiple points of failure. Our global architecture, with multiple global points of presence, firewalls and backups, plus numerous phone carriers again guarantees this high availability and minimal downtime. Allowing your recruiters to do what they do best. 

Unified communication platform 

As hyperscaler technology, CloudCall o1 consolidates all functionality within a single, centralised system. By storing data in one secure location, the platform enables seamless sync and integration. This ensures information is readily accessible and consistently updated across the network. So, when your teams are effortlessly capturing real-time details during or after calls with Call Notes, activity sync ensures no data is lost. This empowers supervisors to optimise teams and users to focus on the human connections they make daily. 

Rock solid security measures 

In addition to exceptional call quality, CloudCall o1’s robust security measures are intrinsic to the basis of the platform. This ensures a safe and protected environment for users and their communications. We achieve this by leveraging the well architected framework of AWS as the most secure cloud infrastructure and unquestionable backup reliability. This really is the best-in-class disaster recovery and cybersecurity. 

Entreprise-led hyperscaler network 

Built for massive user bases, you can get additional capacity immediately ensuring nothing stops your business from growing and doing what you do best. Our self-serve capabilities empower users while providing real-time insights, allowing them to leverage valuable data and make informed decisions promptly. Whether this is monitoring calls to provide feedback or evaluating your team’s performance, you can coach your team from anywhere, on the go and easily tailor your coaching to maximise results. 

As progressive hyperscaler technology, CloudCall ensures a consistent, secure, and high-quality experience across the board, making it the go-to solution for businesses seeking a reliable, scalable, and future-proof communication platform. So, if you’d like to see just how CloudCall o1 could elevate your business, help you place more candidates and drive success, request a demo today