Zoho CTI Integration by CloudCall

Zoho CRM Integration.

CloudCall for Zoho improves operational processes, optimises engagements
and manages customer interactions directly from your Zoho CRM. 

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CloudCall is a cost-effective way of monitoring communication across your business and means you know exactly what calls and messages take place on the CloudCall platform in near-real time and be able to use this insight to drive productivity and success. All from your Zoho CRM.

Feature list.

Give your team the tools they need to be more productive with Zoho CRM.

CloudCall Features

How CloudCall works with Zoho CRM

CloudCall compliments and enhances the already existing features within Zoho CRM, by adding telephony functionality to the platform. Our CTI functions allow you to directly make calls from Zoho CRM and offer a range of features for your communications both inbound and outbound. These features allow you to take control of not just your calls, but take control of your data too and what those calls can mean to your business.

In Depth Look: Features

Click to Dial
Click on a contact’s phone number to initiate calls from your Zoho CRM lead contact records. Saving you time and streamlining processes.

Voicemail Drop
You can record and store up to five different voice messages which you can use when leaving a voicemail. This allows you to not just save time but bypass the tedious scripted voicemail messages.

Inbound Screen Pops
When someone calls you, you can get a notification on your screen, with a link to the contact’s CRM record within Zoho CRM. This provides you with all past information on the contact, allowing you to be as personable and prepared as possible.

SMS & Bulk Messaging
Expand your communications to include SMS, which provides a simple and effective way of increasing engagements with your customers and prospects. Click to text, Broadcast SMS and your searchable SMS history allow you to break away from the cycle of unanswered or missed phone calls.

Call Controls
Streamline call activities from your Zoho CRM with built-in call controls. Hold, mute, transfer, conference and pause the call recording on any of your live calls.

Power Dialler
Upload a contact list to the dialler to boost call activities, by automatically dialling through the list. There are three main types of diallers you can use. These are Preview, Progressive and Predictive diallers.

Call Recording
You can use this feature to create and store a library of past calls. You can use these call recordings to monitor performance, train colleagues in best practice and is great tool for GDPR compliance.

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Key Benefits

Boost Efficiency
Save time and make your day more efficient by allowing CloudCall to improve your daily processes, data management and how you access them both.

Improve Productivity
Our Zoho CRM integration includes industry leading features designed specifically for usability and boosting productivity, allowing you to get the most out of not just our integration, but your existing CRM too.

Save Costs
Investing in software can be expensive. Making wiser investments, like our CRM integration, will save you costs and help grow your business in the long-term.

Transform Conversations
The CloudCall for Zoho CRM integration transforms your conversations and the way you use them. Access data and analytics like never before by having all of your previous interactions and call recordings saved in your existing CRM software.

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We’re proud to have helped over 42,000 users to boost their performance, build better relationships and optimise their communications.

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