4 Training Tools to Improve Conversations

Giving your teams the tools they need to improve conversations is crucial. Whether you are training a new employee for long-term success or upskilling a top performer, training tools such as whispering, call monitoring, call recordings, and searchable SMS will increase their overall productivity. Use these tools as part of your onboarding process to help new employees transition smoothly into their roles.

Here’s how you can use these 4 tools to improve your team’s conversations:

1. Whisper directions that only the rep can hear  

Whispering into a call is an unobtrusive way to speak with colleagues without being heard by the other person. Have a top performer supercharge a teammate’s conversation by ‘whispering’ advice during a call.  

2. Monitor calls in real-time  

Generate feedback in real-time by monitoring calls. As a supervisor, it’s important to give feedback on calls. However, there’s an added pressure when a supervisor is on the line. With ‘monitoring’ capabilities, you can supervise a conversation without joining. Then, give feedback immediately after the call. If the call is going in the completely wrong direction, you should ‘disconnect’ the call.  

3. Review call recordings  

Gauge the quality of customer interactions by listening to conversations with call recordings. Record every conversation (good or bad) to build a library of best practices for training new employees as well as interactions to avoid. With the right software, recording calls is easy and the entire team can reap the benefits. Call recordings can also be used to provide personalized training for individuals.  

4. Search and monitor SMS conversations 

Ensure that SMS messages are stored as searchable conversations, so your team doesn’t waste time sorting through individual notes. Being able to read a full conversation is crucial to understanding relationships. You might need to search your past conversations to get context on an issue or monitor conversation trends around certain topics.   

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