A quick conversation with… Joachim de Wild, CEO, Simfony

Our third Art of Conversation Live instalment focuses on all thing’s mobile connectivity, IoT, security and how to get past the learning curve, quicker, as we talk to Joachim de Wild, CEO of Simfony. 

5G and IoT were, until recently, buzzwords that have perhaps not triggered the kind of reactions we would normally expect from such innovative development. Joachim takes us through some real-life examples of how organisations are using advances in connectivity technology to evolve their own propositions… 

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Key topics covered: 

  • Why having mobile connectivity in place is more important than ever
  • 4Gand 5G: past, present and future 
  • The importance of understanding what technology your business needs and implementing it
  • Beingaware of the ‘learning curve’ and getting ahead of it 
  • Simplifying Security: hints and tips for anyone starting out on their security journey
  • The future of IoT

Why should you listen to this podcast? 

If inspirational tech chat is your thing, then this podcast is for you. Joachim has been in the tech industry for over 17 years and brings interesting insight, coupled with real-life examples, to the table for this edition of Art of Conversation Live. 

Listen to the full podcast here 

“Take a look at what your future technology needs to look like and get it sorted now. Look at resource planning, your infrastructure as you continue to grow and how you manage and roll out new and better services. Start looking at it now.” Joachim de Wild, CEO, Simfony