A quick conversation with… Jon Bailey, CEO, ProCo

In our next instalment of our Art of Conversation Live podcast we talk to Jon Bailey, CEO of ProCo. This conversation picks up on why print and direct mail marketing are a must for your brand, how the capability of these channels has evolved to become a partner to digital, and why the ROI on these channels might not be what you think 

Listen to the full podcast here 

Some podcast highlights:

  • Deep dive into the history of print marketing and its benefits 
  • Unravelling the myth;‘digital is cheap, therefore it’s better’  
  • Benefits of a digital first approach, that’s supported by a physical presence  
  • Why data is the biggest driver of getting it right
  • Misconceptions vs benefits of personalisation 

This thought-provoking podcast takes us on a journey through the print industry, common misconceptions, as well as what Proco are doing now to get future ready. Sprinkled with personal anecdotes from Jon on his experiences of working in the print industry for over 25 years. 

Listen to the full podcast here 

“The response rate you get from print media is far greater than digital media from an ROI perspective. In fact, if you are looking for acquisition or activation from online it’s cheaper to print and mail than it is to acquire or activate a new customer via Google.” Jon Bailey, CEO, ProCo.