A Quick Conversation With Raymond Pennie, founder of Kyloe Partners

Raymond’s background includes accounting, recruitment and IT management before founding Kyloe Partners five years ago. Kyloe partners aim to optimise their client’s use of Bullhorn to reduce costs and speed up the process to drive sales.

In this episode Raymond talks us through the challenges of running a business in Orkney, which is a remote and isolated island to the north of Scotland. He shares his experience of how he built the business and how things progressed to where they are today. Raymond also sheds some light on what it’s like the be a Bullhorn partner, including the benefits he has found when building his own professional network, meeting prospects and attending events.

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Podcast Highlights:

  • Raymond’s career history and how he founded Kyloe Partners
  • How Kyloe grew from a small, one room office to employing over 50 people
  • The benefits of being a Bullhorn Partner
  • The challenges presented by COVID and how Raymond overcame them

Raymond tells a captivating story, with a great deal of experience and knowledge that he’s picked up over the years. His insight is more valuable now than ever, due to the uncertain times we are currently experiencing.

“Ultimately, we were able to change what people do as their job. Suddenly it stopped being a paperwork job. People started coming into the office smiling. That’s what it’s all about” – Raymond Pennie

Listen to the podcast now