A quick conversation with… Rick Faubert, Partner, True search

Our second Art of Conversation Live podcast gives us first-hand insight into the world of recruitment and staffing right now, as we talk to Rick Faubert, Partner at Retained Executive Search company, True Search.  

Through the art of conversation, Rick takes us through the journey that brought him to True Search, how developing his communication skills have enriched his experiences, how he’s adapted during the COVID-19 pandemic, right through to why he’s hopelessly addicted to U2.  

Listen to the full podcast here 

Key topics covered: 

  • Conversationis king in the recruitment and staffing industry  
  • The importance of communication when learning and developing talent 
  • Getting the communication tools right for your audience and how this can impact recruitment 
  • Tips and tricksfor communicating during COVID-19 and what will be adopted as a result  
  • What should leaders be doing right now?

Why should you listen to this podcast? 

Recruitment and staffing is one of the main sectors that has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This podcast highlights the challenges of working with candidates at this time, but also how recruitment and staffing businesses can adapt and adopt to get ready for recovery. The conversation also explores what a V-Shaped economic recovery could look like, as well as how leaders can maintain their reputations. 

Listen to the full podcast here

 “What should leaders be doing right now? Connecting with employees and the human element, setting aside the focus on the money. Recognise that you’re going to be noticed. Doing the right thing by the people will pay dividends.” Rick Faubert, Partner, True Search