CRM integrations for customer service: The ultimate guide

Great customer service is critical to your business’s success.  If you’re lacking high quality customer service, then your customers won’t want to provide repeat business, refer their friends, or give good reviews.

But how can you make sure your team is giving out the correct information to customers? And how to you know if inbound calls are being answered quickly enough?

Manual monitoring or asking your team to self-assess performance is inefficient. An easier way to ensure your Customer Service Team are performing productively, is to invest in a CRM integration.

Here’s a little bit of info about how a CRM integrations for customer service could be the key to unlocking your success, just because we’re nice like that…

A CRM integrations for customer service not only provides seamless communications and information for your agents, but also gives Managers and Supervisors a birds-eye view of how their team is performing.

Enter CloudCall

CloudCall integrations have tonnes of handy features to provide your team with the tools to give quality customer service. Here’s a few of our favourites:

Supervisor Panel

Get an instant bird’s eye view of what calls are being made when, for how long, and whether they hit the mark. Real-time dashboards let you see which agents are on which calls, how long for, and lets you listen in to the calls. Features such as Monitor, Whisper and Barge gives Supervisors the chance to listen to calls, offer real-time suggestions and make important interruptions if required

Call Recording

Using CloudCall’s CRM integrations for customer service means all your communications are recorded and stored within the CRM system itself. Call recording allows you to use your back catalogue of calls to train new agents with examples of real customer calls, and work with you existing team members to show them where they can improve.

Call Logs

Using Call Logs in tandem with Call Recordings means all agents have access to the customer information that they need. Inbound Screen Pops will bring up the CRM records of the customer calling and allows agents to be fully prepared, with just a click being able to see past calls and outcomes.

Local Presence

With this feature, your agents make calls using a local phone number to the customer, boosting the number of calls picked up and customers can feel more comfortable, answering to a local number. The best part is your agents can be working from anywhere!

Capture verbal consent to store and use customer data including call recordings while on the phone.

It’s also important to ensure your customer service agents have an up-to-date phone system, as phone calls are the most important form of communication for customers. It’s the heart of your operations, the money maker, and a crucial method of communicating with your customers.

In fact, 56% of customers say that calling is the fastest way to get a response.

But what if you’re not using it to its full potential?

Don’t let your phone system be the thing that holds your team back.

We’ve created a handy eGuide just for you. Aren’t you lucky?

Taking customer service to the next level with CloudCall’, explores the ways in which integrating your phone system with your CRM can be the key to your success.

The guide details:

  • How your phone system could be holding you back
  • Features that can help you support and improve your team
  • Why a CRM integration will boost your customer service

It’s available now and you can download it for free here.

Did you know; 47% of customers use the phone as they believe things are more likely to get resolved in a call?

It’s clear your phone system is the most important tool for your Customer Service Team, so why not use it to improve your strategy and data?

CloudCall was built with Customer Service Teams in mind. We make charting your road ahead for maximum efficiency pretty straightforward. *takes a bow*

In customer service, there’s huge potential for wasted time: scripts that miss the mark, tones of voice that the customers… don’t get on with, let’s say. Failure to address queries fast enough or in a way that puts you back in the customers’ good books.

But pinning down your perfect strategy can alleviate these issues and integrating your phone system with your CRM could be just the ticket.

With telephony CRM integration for customer service, such as CloudCall, your team will be able to:

  • Conduct actions from one centralised platform
  • Access all the same information they need
  • Greater collection of data
  • More easily provide a personalised experience

Suddenly, as if by magic, solving customer problems is no longer, well, a problem!

Customer services can be a delicate matter. Not only is it time-sensitive but the reputation of your entire business is on the line, should you get the strategy wrong. It’s all a matter of having the right tools on your side.

With a clear picture of how your Customer Service Team is performing, you’ll always know what you should be doing next to maximize your success.

Book a demo to find out more about how CloudCall take your customer service team to the next level. And if you’re interested in applying the same methods to your sales team, we can help with that, too.