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Is poor communication holding your team back?

It’s a fact: the inability to communicate effectively holds businesses back.

How productively your business runs, relies on how well your teams can communicate and collaborate by collecting and using data. Sounds simple, right?

If your business loses focus on seamless communication; it’s not only performance which could plummet, but customer experience too.

52% of businesses rank increasing collaboration amongst teams as a priority.

Does yours?

We’ve created a brand new eGuide; titled ‘Crossed wires: Don’t let poor communication hold you back in 2021’. It’s available now and you can find it here, for free. Cause we’re nice like that.

Businesses were looking to increase their use of Cloud Communication before the move to remote working, but obviously the events of the last year or two have amplified this.

In fact, half of organisations increased the use of cloud communication solutions to cope with the changes brought by Covid-19.

Right now, agility is key and having quality communications between your teams is essential. Our new eGuide ‘Crossed wires’ is here to help you detangle yours.

Our eGuide will explain:

  • The importance of communicating effectively
  • How your systems can affect your customer service
  • Why you should be paying attention to your data
  • How using your data effectively will help you to save time and money

Businesses, maybe ones like yours, have the solutions they need to communicate data between teams, but that doesn’t mean that they’re communicating effectively.

When 3 in 4 companies (75%) have increased their use of communication tools in the past 24 months, it means something needs to change.

Data is crucial to helping you achieve your goals as an organisation – but the stress of traditional methods of collecting, storing, and analysing it can make businesses reluctant to do so.

Don’t let poor communication hold your business back in 2021. Download our eGuide ‘Crossed wires’ to find out more.

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