The Purple Panel: How recruitment technology has evolved in order to motivate teams and increase sales

Last week we hosted the first instalment of our new on-demand webinar series: The Purple Panel.

The on-demand webinar took place on Wednesday 11th June and our panel of experts discussed how the evolution of tech is impacting recruitment.

Hear from:

  • Matt Gayleard – Chief Marketing Officer at CloudCall
  • Ian Moyse – Chief Revenue Officer at OneUp Sales
  • Charlie Voller Barnes – Project Manager at Northstar Innovation Group

We had a great time hosting what was an inciteful chat about how tech affects the recruitment sector, hope you enjoyed it too. If you missed out, not to worry as you can catch up below:

On current challenges for recruitment companies, Matt said: “With many recruitment customers, one of the key challenges right now are that candidates don’t need to be local anymore. There’s more competition as recruiters will look to source remote talent. The pandemic and technology has changed the dynamic of recruitment.”

The panel explored questions such as:

  • How much motivation stems from tech vs people?
  • How is ‘Team Culture’ evolving, especially in the current climate?
  • How can we attract and retain talent, for ourselves and for recruitment companies?
  • What tips, tricks and thoughts do you have for anyone thinking about investing in technology, to help their team to thrive?

Talking about when businesses should invest in tech, Charlie said: “It’s a great time right now for businesses to be looking at tech. Things are changing, we’re all analysing our businesses and where we want to get to. It’s a good time for change.”

Ian followed by saying “Take it back to basics. People, technology and processes. Review what you’ve got and look at what new stuff is coming out and being enhanced every day. Look at what you can do to improve the environment for your recruiters, make them able to engage better with customers and have great conversations.”