It’s Time to Update Your Outreach Strategy 

Leverage the mobile obsession and have more successful conversations with multichannel outreach 

Which communication methods are you currently using to make connections? It’s time to update your outreach strategy. Reach out to hundreds of people at once with targeted messaging through voice, text, and email.  

Why is it important to reach out in different ways? Not everyone uses the same method of communication – to increase connections, use multichannel outreach.

Try reaching prospects:  

  1. Over the phone (with a voicemail when needed) 
  2. Via text
  3. In an email

How often do people not pick up the phone or answer a text but they will respond to an email? Or what about that key prospect that will pick up the phone but never answer your emails? A salesperson might be able to communicate critical information to a prospect through a voicemail and a recruiter might be able to reach a passive candidate over text. Successful connections depend on which method of communication is preferred.

Once you’ve taken advantage of multichannel outreach, you’ll need the latest tools to help you.  

Import lists of contacts to your chosen CRM/ATS, then use a power dialer (like CloudCall’s) to reach contacts more efficiently and leave a pre-recorded voicemail when they don’t pick up. After this voicemail, follow up with a brief text.  

Texting multiple people at once, also known as broadcast messaging, is also a time-saving way to reach out – instead of sending out texts individually. Send out a broadcast messageto hundreds of people at once with the fastest method of communication available.

We’ve covered calling and texting, but what about emails? It does not hurt to follow up with an email when you don’t hear a response via text/call/voicemail. Make sure that all conversation history and data is stored in one place. It’s worth considering driving these communications through one platform to provide a streamlined workflow for your teams. 

Everyone communicates differently and reaching people in the way they prefer is an ongoing battle. Without the right tools to communicate effectively, your teams might be missing out on great conversations. Need new technology to boost response rates, close more deals, or make more placements? Book a demowith us to see CloudCall in action.