The Purple Panel: The future of work; engaging top talent in a remote world

Last week we hosted the second instalment in our on-demand webinar series: The Purple Panel, focusing on the future of work.

The webinar took place on Thursday 19th August and our panel of experts discussed the future of work and how recruiters can engage top talent in a remote world.

Hear from:

We had a great time hosting The Purple Panel once again and we hope you did too. Don’t worry if you missed out, we’ve got you covered.

You can catch up on The Purple Panel below:

And if you want to go back and watch the first installment, you can do so with our on-demand webinar center.

The panel of experts discussed:

  • Candidates expecting hybrid flexibility
  • Remote interview processes
  • How to keep a great culture whilst working remotely
  • Tips of how recruiters can tackle the upcoming months and years
  • The future of work

Speaking about the webinar, Nellie says: “What a hot topic at the moment, ‘engaging top talent in a remote world’. We’re talking with our customers every day about this, it really is at the forefront of their minds right now as we try to guide them through the challenges of this candidate-short market.”

“The whole transformation into remote working has been great,” says Andy. “The default is now to expect hybrid working and there’s so many different sectors and companies which will now benefit from that. You can hire talent no matter where they are in the country, or even the world.”

Matt added: “Automation in recruitment is really important. How do you keep track of all the conversations you’ve had over the last year? Recruiters speak to so many people and will continue to do so in a hybrid world. They need quality technology to help automate their conversations and save the data from them.”

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