Top tips for keeping your customers happy

What will keep your customers happy? 

Happy customers means a happy business, right? It just clicks. 

This year more than ever, businesses need to ensure they are delivering great levels of customer service and understanding how customers prefer to be in contact, which is usually via a phone call. 

Our new eBook explores the topic of keeping your customers happy, the power of combining data and communications and how it just…clicks. You can download it for yourself here. Take a look at our infographic below to see some tips for how to keep your customers happy: 

Phone calls are top dog – 69% of businesses have seen a growth in inbound call volumes in the last two years 

Quality conversations  – 49% of businesses who have seen an increase in traffic say it’s because customers want a faster response. 

Seamless interactions – 68% of customers say they get frustrated when a firm doesn’t have their details to hand when they are contacted.  

Right person, right time – 45% of businesses say giving customers access to the right channel at the right time is critical to their success