What your recruitment business needs to look like to thrive, with Neville James

CloudCall’s Senior Sales Director, Neville James, recently took part in a pre-event chat show for the Recruitment Technology Showcase Event, which is taking place on June 17th.

The Live Chat Show was hosted by Louise Triance, UK Recruiter and Christina Robinson, Green Umbrella Marketing, Steve Barnhurst, Volcanic both joined Neville on the panel to discuss the topic ‘What your recruitment business needs to look like to thrive’.

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Neville spoke about the power of flexible working and how CloudCall’s seamless integrations help businesses to achieve success when based remotely.

Here’s what Neville had to say…

“At CloudCall, there’s a big focus on flexible working. In all industries and especially such a face-to-face role like recruitment, there has been and is going to be a lot of change.

The transition from being in the office to working remotely, has been such an important part of what CloudCall is about. We’re an intelligent phone system that integrates with your recruitment CRM.

Our platform provides business intelligence by capturing your calls, chats, collaborations and stores them within your CRM.

Which means; if you speak to someone, the conversation is saved in your CRM. And if you speak to them again, your previous conversation is on your system and it’s easily obtainable.

It’s all about building relationships in recruitment and we have seen the importance of this grow further since we’ve been working remotely. There’s been an increase in the use of, call back requests, Voicemail Drop; and simply being able to contact people and build those relationships easily, from home.

For recruiter’s, they’re always thinking ‘how can I fill that job? And how can I fill it faster?’. Everything that we do at CloudCall, is about making those processes and interactions speedier and simplified.

‘How do I save time and money?’, I hear you ask. Some of CloudCall’s greatest features are designed for just that:

The above features (and many more) enable recruiters to contact people quickly and to ensure that by looking back at Call Recordings or past CRM records, they can use this data to train the rest of the team.

When working remotely; managers and supervisors want to be able to provide support to their staff, monitor how they are getting on and give them training when necessary. That’s something that CloudCall can help you do.

A lot of recruitment companies we speak to find that the biggest issue they have, is the lack of integration into their CRM. It slows down what they do on the phone.

Every minute your team spends tracking down candidate information or looking for past call notes, is a minute they can use to fill a role.

Most candidates find out about a job over a call or a message and our job at CloudCall is to ensure those interactions are speedy and seamless.

When we speak to our clients, we ask them what the most important parts of CloudCall are for them. They say:

  • How closely integrated we are with CRMs such as Bullhorn, Microsoft Dynamics, Vincere, Salesforce and Zoho.
  • The ability to make quick decisions, look back at past interactions.

These things shorten the path and make processes quicker and easier for them.

If we’re not going to be in the office five days a week, we need to be able to take the information we have from our laptops, phones, systems and more and store them in one place. CloudCall helps you to make that place your CRM system.

Companies need to look to the future and how they can allow their teams to stay remote, long-term.

At CloudCall, our biggest goal is helping people to work with hybrid communications and how are we going to succeed in helping our customers increase success.

We want to make sure that whatever you’re doing, it’s simple, straightforward and efficient.

For us, we try to keep it simple. We want to make sure that “It Just Clicks.

CloudCall will be taking part in the Engagement Showcase Sessions at the event talking about how remote work is impacting your client and candidate data  with special guest Ian Moyse, CRO, OneUp Sales and how to reduce staff turnover and minimise lost revenue when a biller leaves your business, click the links to register your space!

To find out more about our integrations and how they can help your business, take a look here.