Perfecting the Art of Conversation with Your Customers

Companies are in a constant dialogue with their customers. Customers get in touch with brands and businesses to research and buy new products, get support for services, and track deliveries. This dialogue with businesses has only been increasing as e-commerce becomes ubiquitous.

Today, the vast majority of this contact is remote, carried out by phone, online or via mobile apps. And businesses are increasingly using those channels to sell.

But are these conversations truly a dialogue or more like two monologues? What makes a ‘good’ conversation, and what role does each channel play? CloudCall has been considering the Art of Conversation – examining how businesses can improve the quality of contact they have with their customers.

When is the right time to send a text, and when do we want to talk? What can be automated, and what demands the human touch? How are businesses managing these multi-channel communications? And how much do businesses need to adapt their communication strategies for different demographics?

To answer these questions, CloudCall commissioned RedFox Research, a London- based research agency, to conduct a survey of over 1000 customers. The research was carried out in January 2020, and the insights shine a light on the way that communications with customers are changing.