Why it’s important to have all your data in one place…

…and the headache it causes if you don’t.

Our latest research has found that just 38% of businesses hold all of their data in a single CRM. In fact, only 30% of businesses we surveyed had chosen to manage their system like this. Our research showed that those who have information across several systems are generally working with a set-up they have acquired over time.

Three ways working with more than one CRM can cause confusion:

  1. Agents can easily duplicate information across systems or input it into the wrong database.
  2. Worse still, they don’t know where the information would be best stored, so it doesn’t get stored at all.
  3. Valuable customer account history, details and conversations can be lost across systems, making it difficult for agents to resolve customer complaints and help with customer enquiries.

The answer: A cloud infrastructure enables the CRM to become a hub for all customer data, workflow and engagement.1 Software such as CloudCall allows agents to capture all calls, account details and history in one place.

Three reasons why using a single CRM is a good idea:

  1. In our customer research, we discovered that the phone call is often a last resort, or the method of contact chosen when their situation is getting complicated This means that in call centres, perhaps more than anywhere else, full access to a single CRM database is essential.
  2. Call centre agents need quick access to all customer account details and history to be able to successfully solve these more complex enquiries. In fact, 78% of businesses surveyed say that providing agents with access to account details and customer history across channels is a high priority.
  3. The end result of a joined up or single CRM database is clear. A smooth interaction with a customer is the easiest way to gain customer satisfaction, and happy customers are good for business. However, the results can also be financially beneficial. The less time agents and managers spend manually syncing multiple systems, the more time they can spend on the phone interacting with customers.

Contact a member of our team to find out how CloudCall can help your agents spend more valuable time having conversations with your customers.

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