A quick conversation with… Darren Westall, CEO of Paiger

We spoke with Darren recently to discuss how, by striking a chord with marketing professionals everywhere, he is managing to keep Paiger growing despite the global pandemic by helping to bridge sales and marketing teams in a very exciting way.

Darren gives us a deep insight into his mindset and mental health right before he launched Paiger and how he had a game plan to make it a success. He also takes us through how he sees, not just the business, but his personal growth shaping up over the next few years and why now is a really exciting time for all entrepreneurs to back themselves.

Listen to the podcast here

Podcast highlights:

  • How Paiger sparked so much interest despite having zero budget for marketing
  • A look into the mindset of a start-up entrepreneur and the steps he had to go through
  • Why bridging sales and marketing teams is more important than ever
  • The importance of constant, incremental improvements to your feature stack
  • Why solving customer problems will always make you a valued partner

Listen to the podcast here

This podcast shines a light on how the social marketing industry continues to evolve in the B2B space and gives brands and marketeers some great ideas to help them adopt new ways of working to truly reach a scale that can have a huge impact on performance.

“Smarketing brings your sales and marketing teams together like never before. Simply getting sales colleagues to embrace social content has been a struggle for a long time for many marketers and we want to help all business bridge that gap to help expand and reach a far larger target audience than any brand can reach on their own.”  Darren Westall, CEO of Paiger.