A Quick Conversation with Maurice Fuller, Founder of StaffingTec

In this two-part podcast we speak to Maurice Fuller, the founder of StaffingTec, who is focused on helping staffing firms transform their operations digitally and prepare for the future of the recruitment industry.

Maurice has a background in the staffing industry with an impressive track record of delivering growth within organisations. Through this process, Maurice has developed a keen understanding of digital technologies and how to use them as a source of competitive advantage. It was this knowledge that inspired him to set-up StaffingTec.

Over the course of our conversation Maurice takes us through the process of transforming an in-person event into a digital event, and what he thinks the future might hold for this space.

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Podcast Highlights:

Part 1

  • Using Staffing Technology as a source of competitive advantage
  • What is a virtual conference and how have they evolved since the start of the pandemic?
  • The future of marketing in staffing firms
  • The knock-on effects of remote working

Part 2

  • The acceleration of change due to the pandemic
  • Setting up recruiters and salespeople for success
  • The possibilities that augmented reality technology might have on the recruitment industry
  • What does it mean to create value, and how has it changed in the last decade?

Maurice’s experience and position at the forefront of staffing industry technology has put him in a great place to respond to changing times. Especially considering recent events, it can be very difficult to predict the future of the recruitment industry. That’s why listening to voices like Maurice’s is so important for insight into how businesses can adapt and survive.

“Everyone is looking for simple solutions. But I think they are missing the point. The point is: because everything is changing, you have to constantly adapt to improve. There is no end point or simple solution that will mean you are set for the next few years.” – Maurice Fuller, Founder StaffingTec

Listen to the podcast now