A quick conversation with…. Suzan Sakarya, Sales Director UK & Ireland, Wandera

Data security has never been more important. And now that we are all working from home, this podcast provides insight into the types of risks businesses are exposed to without realising it, and what they can do about it. 

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Podcast highlights:

  • How businesses need to ramp up the emphasis they put on securing the mobile  
  • Examples of how businesses are leaving themselves exposed to data risks
  • The due diligence and risks of working from home and using a mobile phone
  • A walk-through of the cyber security attacks and threats organisations need to be aware of

Wandera provide an advanced suite of cloud security solutions for mobile remote users that help customers manage and secure their data usage, whether it’s on a phone, tablet or laptop. The reason for this is that we are using astronomical amounts of data on our devices, and hackers are targeting these devices with lots of different threats. 

Now more than ever it is the time to protect employees working from home, due to the confidential data that they have in their hands, phishing attacks and risky apps. This podcast is perfect for you if you require insight into the types of things you can be doing to ensure you have mobile security during COVID-19 and beyond. 

“If you had a mobile device for work ten years ago it was probably a BlackBerry and all you used it for was to access email. Now we have access to iOS, Android, Windows 10 and lots of different devices, with millions of different applications. The way we managed our devices back then is very different to how we should manage them now – we should secure them in the same way we secure a PC.” Suzan Sakarya, Sales Director UK & Ireland, Wandera

Listen to the full podcast now