CloudCall Chrome: Access your contacts from any webpage

CloudCall brings together the many voices of your company’s communications by integrating SMS and Voice into a single interface. We are proud to have helped hundreds of businesses maximize their experience and CRM capabilities. It’s easier than ever to access our features thanks to the CloudCall Chrome extension!

With our Chrome extension, we’ve expanded our reach beyond your CRM. You can now take advantage of features like click-to-call and call recording directly from your browser. No matter the site you’re on.

That’s right, you’re no longer limited to making calls inside your CRM system. The internet is your oyster!

Click-to-call from any website

When you download the CloudCall Chrome extension, every phone number you view online becomes instantly clickable. Just like CloudCall allows you to click-to-call from contacts in your CRM, with the plugin you can click on numbers while prospecting all over the Web.

Call notes, categories, and recordings

The features don’t stop once you make a call. You can take call notes and categorize calls from the Chrome extension directly. Also, all calls can be recorded. This means calls made outside of your CRM can still be used for training or compliance. Pause recordings directly from the Chrome extension to collect sensitive information.

Screen pop shows you who’s calling

The CloudCall Chrome extension prepares you for your next call with a pop-up alert containing contact information. Screen pops are a simple way to provide better customer service, and they are much more useful than the cryptic phone number that usually appears on your desk phone.

All of this is available to you when you integrate with CloudCall, which means you will also gain access to all the great features like call analytics, IVR and the mobile app. You even can take advantage of our Supervisor Options, offering inbound call distribution, an outbound dialler, and the ability to monitor, whisper and barge into calls, which is great for training. It allows authorized supervisors listen in to live calls, whisper tips to the employee on the phone and barge into the call so both sides can hear.

To find out more about the CloudCall Chrome extension, why not book a demo with a member of our sales team?