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How can your CRM system improve customer experience?

Customer experience is one of the cornerstones around which a successful business is built. It’s importance stems from the fact that without impressing new and existing customers, they will likely take their business elsewhere. What’s more, when customer experience is great, your customers will encourage others to use your business through word of mouth and positive reviews. All of this will ultimately affect your business’s bottom line.

The scope of providing an excellent customer experience extends to all parts of the business, however those parts with more interaction with your customers are the ones where maximum effort should be applied. This is where the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System comes into play. The key is in the name, it’s a system designed with features and functionality to get the most out of your relationship with customers – both on an individual level when interacting with each customer and as a tool to understand the overall picture at the macroscopic level. When used effectively, the CRM system has the power to transform customer experience.

So, what is it that makes the CRM system so powerful and how can this power be capitalised to provide improved customer experience?

Well, firstly we can look at the CRM’s ability to store all relevant customer information and data in one place. That means all the contact information about a customer, all the previous interactions that have taken place, as well as, any notes that have been put into the system by members of the sales or customer service teams. Having access to all of this information, all in single location and accessible to anyone in the business, means whoever is dealing with that customer can provide the highest level of customer service, even if they have never spoken to that individual before.

With all that data being stored in one place, it’s easier to pick up on trends which allow for even better customer experience. For example, you may discover that a particular contact only answers their phone on Fridays, or that if you call them in the morning, they will stay on the phone for longer. This type of insight would be impossible to keep track of without a CRM system, and can often make the difference between winning and losing a customer.

You should also be able to resolve any issues quickly. Having access to all that data in just a few clicks means you can help a customer through any problems they are encountering in no time at all. Not only that, but you’ll be able to see if issues are coming up multiple times which can be very valuable to customer service teams.

CRM systems will also provide a range of features which automate simple tasks, saving huge amounts of time for users. Many CRM programs include email connectivity, with tools like personalisation and bulk sending. CloudCall’s integrated features mean calls can be made, and text messages can be sent without having to leave the CRM. And all these interactions are automatically saved as data in each customer’s records.

Each feature, saving a few seconds or minutes, over the course of a day builds up to a significant amount of time, which can now be directed towards meeting the needs of your customers. In fact, whether CRM system users are salespeople, customer service operators or anyone else in the business, they now have more time to do what they are best at. And less frustration from having to deal with mundane, repetitive tasks.

With all the value a CRM system can bring, can you really afford not to be using one?

CloudCall helps to improve your customer experience even further. Unlock the true power of your CRM system with features that are designed to make your life simpler. Request a call back to learn more.

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