Sales CRM Integration

The sales industry is a complex machine, with lots of moving parts. But did you know that investing in a Sales CRM integration could help elevate your team and close more deals?

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Your phone system is at the heart of your Sales Team

CloudCall was designed and created with sales teams in mind. So, we understand the time-pressured environments that sales teams can operate in. Equally, we understand just how long it can take to search for a customer record or upload detailed call notes manually to your CRM system.

Due to its incredibly competitive nature, providing customers with a positive experience is key to ensuring your business stands out from the crowd. A Sales CRM integration is a huge advantage to have over the competition.

In fact, according to Salesforce, CRM applications can help to increase sales by up to 29%, sales productivity by up to 34% and sales forecast accuracy by 42%.

CloudCall integrates with your existing Sales CRM, to help your business to thrive.

Our telephony integration supports you by:

  • Compiling a library of past calls can help you with training, monitoring and compliance.
  • Syncing call data into your CRM system generates powerful business intelligence and reporting.
  • Real-time data and call stats allow you to easily oversee your team and offer crucial support during live calls.

Features which will benefit your sales team

Real-Time Dashboards

Dashboards show you which agents are on which calls, how long for, and lets you listen in to the calls. Features such as Monitor, Whisper and Barge gives Supervisors the chance to listen to calls, offer real-time support and suggestions.

Supervisor Panel

Get an instant bird’s eye view of what calls are being made when, for how long, and whether they hit the mark. You can use this data to drive business decisions and pinpoint areas for training.

Broadcast SMS

Send bulk text messages in a cost-effective way to multiple CRM records at once, to update customers on orders or to inform them of new offers.

Call Recording

Using CloudCall means all your communications are recorded and stored within the CRM system itself. Use your back catalogue of calls to train new agents with examples of good (and not so good) calls.

Call Logs

Using Call Logs in tandem with Call Recordings means all agents have access to the customer information that they need. It keeps your team connected and allows every person to provide good service.

Inbound Screen Pops

These notifications bring up the CRM record of the customer calling which allows agents to be fully prepared, with just a click being able to see past calls and communications.

How you get more value out of your CRM with CloudCall

If you have a separate CRM system and telephony system operating in silo, you’re wasting a lot of time. You’re also missing out on tonnes of data, vital to the success of your sales team.

Unlock your potential

However, by linking your CRM to your phone system with a Sales CRM integration, a whole new world of efficiency is opened. Giving yourself a 360 view of what’s working (and maybe what isn’t) is now quick and easy, ensuring productivity throughout the team.

With all calls, chats and texts then captured directly within your CRM, suddenly every conversation becomes a key to unlock your business growth. Managers and supervisors can gain a more in-depth look at what their team are up to and offer vital support, even during live calls! This tool is especially important when managing a remote sales team.

With nearly 10 years of experience supplying solutions that make companies keep their customers happy and generate more sales, CloudCall was built with Salespeople in mind. Our system is full of features to ensure that your Sales Team has the tools to succeed.

Is your phone system holding you back?

Implementing integrated communications into your sales CRM system using CloudCall is straightforward and highly cost effective, facilitating a clear return on investment.

By linking your phone system to your CRM, you can almost instantly increase your efficiency and gain ongoing, fresh insight at the same time. Being able to automatically monitor your teams’ calls and stats provides you with an accurate, instant and realistic view of what’s going on is vital. That’s why CloudCall has real-time monitoring features built in, so you’re always up to date.

Benefits of having CloudCall as your Sales CRM integration

A Customer Service CRM integration from CloudCall has tonnes of handy features to enable your team to provide quality customer service. Here’s a few of our favourites:

Improve Productivity
Our integrations are designed with around usability and increasing productivity, helping you get the most out of your CRM.

Reduce Spend
Investing in new software can seem counter-intuitive, but smarter spending can help your business grow in the long-term.

Enhance Conversations
Improve your conversations and your customer service by ensuring all your past interactions are stored in your contact’s CRM record.

Increase efficiency
Streamline your workflows by improving the efficiency of your processes, to make daily admin tasks quicker and easier.

Learn more

If you’d like to know more about how CloudCall can help to elevate your sales team, you can get in touch with our friendly and helpful sales team or book a demo!

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