SMS Automation vs Broadcast SMS: Which is better?

SMS, Broadcast SMS or SMS Automation… is one solution better that the other? *buzz buzz* You’ve got a text!

Did you know, that SMS has an open rate of 98%? And 90% of those texts are opened within 3 minutes. Which is really REALLY good.

In the tech industry there is a lot of buzz (pun intended) around SMS, Broadcast SMS and SMS Automation. But what does it all mean?!

Well, as we’re experts in all things communications, we know how important our SMS features are for our customers, so we’re here to help.

The world of SMS

SMS is a powerful tool for recruiters, Sales Teams and Customer Service workers alike.

It’s simple, easy and allows you to chat no matter where you are. You can even personalize all your texts to ensure you are driving important messages to the right people.

We’re pretty passionate about phone calls, and as you may have noticed, not everyone answers your calls!

But, you don’t always need to reach for the phone to chat to your contacts! Maybe you want to update a candidate on a role, share a new deal with a customer or send information about an event… All of which can be done via SMS.

Broadcast SMS

Broadcast messaging is basically a bulk text which goes to multiple contacts at the same time, just not in a ‘spammy’ way.

With a CloudCall integration, you can send broadcast messages with a click of a button, automatically capturing all SMS conversations back into your CRM system.

No matter what your industry is, Broadcast Messaging has the power to transform your normal working day.

SMS Automation

SMS Automation saves you time, resources, and energy on manual tasks. Implementing SMS Automation is kind of like swapping your old brick phone for a smart phone; quicker, easier and more efficient. It also helps you to:

  • Reduce time spent on manual tasks
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase revenue

PSST. We have a secret to tell you… If you’re a CloudCall for Salesforce user then SMS Automation is on it’s way to you and it’s sooner than you think! Watch this space.

So, which is better you ask? The answer: both! Integrating your communications platform with your CRM enables you to use SMS, Broadcast SMS and SMS Automation for different tasks, increasing productivity and saving you lots of time. When used together, they become a powerhouse for your communications.

Combining the power of a phone call with the convenience of an SMS means you can ensure your contact receives your message. As a result you boost reach and response rates and your chance of getting a reply.

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