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The future of work: working from anywhere

By November 11, 2021Remote Working
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The world of work has changed significantly over the past couple of years. From high rises to home offices; workers worldwide have made the switch to hybrid working. And thanks to implementing new technologies, lots of people are now able to work from anywhere. So, we’ve done a deep dive into the future of work and where that may lead.

We spoke to people from around CloudCall, as well as the wider technology industry, to ask how a remote world and the rise of automation, will affect people’s work lives.  

McKinsey & Company reported “Perhaps the most obvious impact of COVID-19 on the labour force is the dramatic increase in employees working remotely.” 

Their findings showed three broad trends that may reshape the world of work: 

  • A dramatic increase in remote working worldwide 
  • E-commerce has grown two to five times faster than before the pandemic 
  • An acceleration of adopting automation and AI technologies 

Forbes stated that the ability to work from home “has now become the norm for most businesses.” 

They said that “by 2025, an estimated 70% of the workforce will be working remotely at least five days a month.”  

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But how has the sudden switch to hybrid working affected the technology industry? 

“The whole transformation into remote working has been great.” Andy Hallet, Co-Founder at RecWired told us at our Purple Panel event ‘The future of work: Engaging top talent in a remote world’ 

“The default is now to expect hybrid working. and there’s so many different sectors and companies which will now benefit from that. You can hire talent no matter where they are in the country, or even the world.” 

The recruitment industry especially has changed drastically in recent years. Candidates now expect hybrid flexibility, online interview processes and a great culture whilst working remotely.  

In fact, Digger report that “80% of workers say they would turn down a job that didn’t offer flexible working.” 

Businesses who’ve invested in new technologies, such as CloudCall, not only seamlessly work from home, but also provide better service and have more flexibility.  

“The beauty of working remotely is having flexibility, the CloudCall for Bullhorn integration gives us that.” Brian Cunningham, Managing Director at Allen Recruitment Consulting told us.  

Long gone are the days of traditional telephones as we know them. And thankfully so is that excruciatingly long internet dial-up process from the late 90’s!

A whole new world (of telephony) 

Fancy taking a magic carpet ride (whilst conducting an interview)? Or packing up and moving to live under the sea? Well now you can (kind of). 

Cloud telephony allows you to work from anywhere. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection and away you go. 

Don’t worry about telephone lines, handset phones or even a notepad. Cloud telephony providers, such as ourselves, have created their systems with you in mind. 

Rachael Broomes, Operations Manager at Levin Group said “Without CloudCall, we wouldn’t be able to continue the way we are. You need a system that’s integrated with your database to be able to work efficiently.”  

As the world is increasing the amount of people working remotely, it’s time that businesses invest into systems that enable their teams to work efficiently and operations to run seamlessly, no matter where their employees are based. 

Businesses are no longer bound by location.

With an efficient cloud telephony solution such as CloudCall, a remote team of experts can work just as smoothly as a team all working out of the same office. 

Smarp found that “40% of companies say they’re planning to accelerate the adoption of new ways of working.” 

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We ourselves, have changed the way we work in the past two years. Simon Cleaver, CloudCall CEO says “Before the COVID pandemic transformed office life, our employees were in the office five days a week, however we’ll now be adopting a hybrid working approach.”  

“I believe a mix of home and office working is the future with the blend varying depending upon departmental requirements. The office will still be important, but as a hub. The glue to keep people connected, having fun and collaborating together.” 

“Business owners have had to pivot their strategies, marketing plans, and in some cases, their core products and services, to match this new way of working. They’ve also had to accelerate their adoption of technology. Having tools, like CloudCall, that support remote working is vital in ensuring teams remain productive and safe while working remotely.” 

It’s clear that hybrid working isn’t just the future of work, but it’s already here. What’s interesting is going to be how many companies wise up quickly. To realizing that implementing technologies now, will save them a lot of trouble later down the line.  

Giving your employees the tools to do their jobs effectively and productively, from wherever they are working, will be the key to success in the next few years.  

CloudCall Chief People Officer, Abigail Wilkinson says: “We’ve seen drastic changes since March 2020. With most of our workforce moving to hybrid working, we’ve not only seen an increase in sales but also improvements in our customer satisfaction and our employees have said they have a greater work-life balance.” 

Josh Bersin wrote in the HR Predictions for 2021 report, that “There’s no more reason to debate whether people are allowed to work at home; they’re now working everywhere. The big trend to me is that work comes to you rather than you going to work.” 

How can I help my team to work more collaboratively, effectively and productively, when working remotely?  

The future of work is now. And there is a wealth of information on our blog that will help to ensure your business doesn’t fall behind.

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