Three reasons customers pick up the phone

It’s pretty clear that the phone call is still top dog.

69% of businesses have seen a growth in inbound call volumes in the last two years, with 52% of those businesses saying the surge in traffic is due to customers wanting to speak to a human.

In fact, 46% of consumers have even bought elsewhere or cancelled a contract, simply because of difficulties getting in contact.

Keep your customers happy by understanding the reasons behind why they choose to pick up the phone.

  • Quality conversations: 45% of customers feel happier when they can speak to a real person on a phone call. Customers feel like their issues or queries are being dealt with properly and being accounted for.
  • Faster response: 56% of customers believe calling up a business to get assistance is the fastest way for them to get a response. They feel reassured knowing there is someone on the other end of the line devoted to assisting them.
  • Resolve urgent queries: 73% of customers make a phone call to quickly arrange or change an appointment or meeting. Customers will pick up the phone if they need something important doing and they need it doing now.

Our new eGuide, Keep your customers happy, delves further into why customers prefer a call over a text or email, the ways in which they prefer to be communicated with and why.

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