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4 CloudCall features to enhance your outbound Call Centre team 

The last year has been a bit strange for everyone to say the least, especially for those of you overseeing a team of remote staff, making high volumes of calls.  

CloudCall has a range of features that can help you to make your team’s working day a lot more productive.  

Monitor, Whisper and Barge 

If being on separate sides of the office seems like a big distance, with remote work, some of your staff may be halfway across the country or in some cases, the globe! This shouldn’t mean you can’t still support your team. CloudCall Supervisor Panel allows you to listen in on calls with Monitor, and with Whisper you can support your colleagues with words of advice and Barge allows to take over if needs be.  

Call Recordings 

Whether for training purposes, recollection or understanding the conversations employees are having; the ability to record calls is important. CloudCall automatically links the recordings to the records in the CRM so its easy to find your past calls made to your contacts. 

Call Reports 

Call Reports are a great way for you to track the number and duration of calls made by individuals on your team. Data can also be monitored in realtime to see who is currently on a call and for how long. This feature also allows for gamification so set up a leader board and let healthy competition improve your team’s performance. 

Voicemail Drop 

This feature is a real time saver. Record that one perfect voicemail where you speak clearly and confidently. Then whenever you get through to a mailbox, just hit the Voicemail Drop button and hang up. If you are leaving a lot of voicemails a day, the time adds up, so Voicemail Drop relieves the pressure to get it right all the time. If you want to make it a bit more personal you can even merge the Voicemail Drop with a personalised message. 

Would you like to find out more about what features CloudCall can offer your business? If so, book  a demo, here. 

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