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4 CloudCall features your Sales Team needs

CTI, or Computer Telephony Integration for the tech savvy amongst you, refers to a programme which enables interactions on a telephone and computer to be united.

In a nutshell, it’s what we do and it’s everything you could ever want out of your phone system, trust us.

No matter how hardworking your Sales Team is, you could be missing out on a whole world of success, by lacking an integrated phone system.

Benefits such as being able to monitor your team’s activities and call stats in real-time gives you a clear picture of how things are going and allows you to offer more support for your team.

There are tonnes of CloudCall features ready for you to use, but here are 4 features that an integrated phone system has that your Sales Team needs. You’re welcome!

Supervisor Panel

Get an instant birds-eye view of your team’s live calls, how long they are and how your agents are doing.


Listen in to calls to ensure scripts are being followed and everything is going well, without being too intrusive.


Offer real time suggestions to your team to keep them on track, without the other party being able to hear.


Our Barge feature allows you to take over a call from your colleague if things start to go downhill.

Want to find out a little bit more? We thought you might. You can book in a demo here.

Functionality…it’s only a click away.

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