business development strategy for recruiters

Business development strategies for recruiters

Employing effective business development strategies is the key to growing a business, as well as securing the best available candidates. The use of recruitment tools, techniques, data insights and smart strategies can help streamline recruiters efforts, helping them to place talented individuals in the right roles.

We’ve put together these business development strategies for recruiters that will help maximize performance, candidate and client satisfaction and increase profits.

Remain competitive in a constantly evolving marketplace

Effective strategies allow recruiters to source and attract the best talent, build relationships with potential candidates, and gain a better understanding of the industry’s current trends and technologies. By utilizing these strategies, they can ensure they remain ahead of the competition by providing quicker and more efficient recruitment services.

Effective communication with candidates and clients is crucial to the success of any business. A Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) into a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) or Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a great way to boost your comms and improve productivity.

By connecting your phone system to a CRM/ATS, manual data entry is no longer required and errors are eliminated. Additionally, all communications data is captured in real-time. No more waiting around for information – making it easier to improve the customer experience while saving time and money.

Selecting candidates 101

Recruiters know to look for the traits that make a great candidate for the job. They should assess the qualifications and skills of the candidates to ensure they are able to meet the specific job requirements. Additionally, recruiters may want to consider interviewing references of prospective candidates. This will help them to gain an understanding of their work ethic and performance. They should review past experience and accomplishments as an indicator of an applicant’s suitability the role. Recruiters also need to evaluate a potential candidate’s ability to think creatively and solve complex problems.

New tech is a great way of automating these processes and AI is leading the way. Through automated scheduling and interview technology, recruiters are able to quickly evaluate candidates without investing a great deal of effort. Utilizing AI-driven text analysis platforms makes it easy for recruiters to sift through hundreds of resumes in no time. It’s an excellent way to identify the top talent. Predictive analytics is an invaluable tool for helping them make data-informed decisions when placing candidates. Automation technology simplifies mundane tasks, ensuring that recruiters get to the best candidates first.

Use smart technology

Recruitment businesses can often find themselves spending large amounts of money on talent attraction and technology with little to no reward. This is normally due to inadequate CRM/ATS workflows. Fortunately, there are a variety of helpful tools available, such as CTI, that make overcoming this much easier. This allows recruiters to engage with the right people.

CTI can help with your business development strategy for recruiters:

  • Save time and energy by making calls from a CRM/ATS with a single click.
  • Gain valuable insights into the engagement of recruiters with applicants through advanced reporting suites and real-time dashboards.
  • Automate data syncing to manage communications rapidly and flexibly, in the office or on the go.
  • Instantly access the caller’s details and communication history to establish better relationships more effectively.

Embracing the latest technology is vital for any business to remain competitive. Companies that lack the appropriate resources or are too slow to adopt new tech will be left behind.

CloudCall empowers recruiters to take communication to the next level. With our solutions, recruiters can reach prospects quickly and efficiently, grow their business and increase their productivity.

AI – The ultimate wingman

Automation strategies can drastically improve the recruiting process by reducing tedious manual tasks to save time. Automated workflows such as email outreach, scheduling interviews, background checks, and assessment tests can be set up to minimize manual input from recruiters. Additionally, using an ATS enables recruiters to quickly filter through vast amounts of candidate data and find the right fit for each position in a matter of minutes. Automation also helps keep the recruitment cycle organized and on track. All of this ensures that recruiters are better able to keep up with the ever-growing demand for qualified applicants. Ultimately, automation strategies help streamline the recruiting process and allow recruiters to focus their energy on identifying and hiring top talent.

Save $$$

Cost management is an essential business development strategy when it comes to succeeding in the recruitment marketplace. With attendance fees for industry events, advertisement costs for job postings, and resources required to perform background checks, costs can quickly add up.

One way to minimize these costs is by using an ATS. These platforms enable recruiters to effectively manage their workload while keeping costs low. For instance, many have features that allow recruiters to automate processes such as interviews and assessments. This helps save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on manual labor-intensive tasks. Most of which increases the cost savings for recruitment agencies. Incorporating an ATS into an organization’s business development recruitment strategy will help streamline processes, reduce costly mistakes, and ultimately help keep costs low while competing in the recruitment marketplace.

Show off your success with real examples

If you’re an agency seeking clients to recruit for, they need to know that you’re worth the time. You can make all the promises you want, but nothing is more convincing than cold hard evidence.

Use previous clients’ and candidates’ testimonials to help demonstrate your proven track record of success. Remember, like the candidates you’re looking to hire, your job as a recruiter is to sell yourself as dependable and trustworthy.

Training is key

It takes a lot of practice to be a good recruiter. And sometimes, even that’s not enough to maintain quality performance indefinitely. As the job market landscape changes over time, recruitment methods must change alongside it. That’s why recruiters need continuous training in the latest recruitment strategies to ensure they’re getting the best results.

Investing in recruiting courses and keeping up to date with the changing landscape of talent acquisition will help recruiters become more efficient at finding the right candidates for the job. With a constant focus on developing new strategies and building relationships within their networks, recruiters can stay ahead of the competition.

CTI solutions like CloudCall can help with internal training of recruiters with features such as:

  • Real-time Coach -Give vital support to your agent’s whilst they’re chatting away on live calls.
  • Barge – Enter the call alongside your agent, to provide more information or to step in when necessary.
  • Call Recording – Record, play back and download calls. Great for highlighting the good and the bad aspects of calls.

Always add value

Making cold calls and actively searching for clients and candidates is often part of the recruitment process. Get to the point quickly, and keep the entire approach brief and focused. Just remember to always find a way to add value to your clients and candidates. Show clients how they can benefit by working with you and show candidates how you can improve their career. Keep your promises grounded, and never promise anything you can’t deliver.

“Our customers are happier when they’ve got the user experience that CloudCall enables on the Bullhorn stack of products.”


By leveraging the right business development strategies, recruiters can save time and resources while finding the right candidates for roles. With proper planning and strategy in place, recruiters can streamline the recruitment process, boost candidate and client satisfaction, and reduce the costs associated with recruiting activities.

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