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Business development strategies for recruiters

Employing effective business development strategies is the key to success in the recruitment industry.

We’ve put together these business development strategies for recruiters that will help maximize performance — and profits.

Show off your success with real examples

If you’re a recruiting agency seeking clients to recruit for, they need to know that you’re worth their time. You can make all the promises you want, but nothing is more convincing than cold hard evidence.

Use your previous clients’ and candidates’ testimonials to help demonstrate your proven track record of success. Remember, like the candidates you’re looking to hire, your job as a recruiter is to sell yourself as dependable and trustworthy.

Optimize your sales process

Every recruiter needs a good sales process. You’re essentially pitching jobs to candidates and your business to clients, and you want to make sure that your pitches resonate.

That means you need to have two quality presentations ready to go — one for the available job if you’re looking for candidates and another for your agency if you’re looking for clients.

Don’t try to handle too many potential clients or candidates at once, and always check up on the reputation of anyone you plan to work with. Be clear about the scope of the services you are providing to avoid any unrealistic expectations from clients or candidates.

Continuously train

It takes a lot of practice to be a good recruiter, but even that’s not enough to maintain quality performance indefinitely.

As the job market landscape changes over time, recruitment methods must change right alongside it. That’s why recruiters need continuous training in the latest recruitment strategies to ensure they’re getting the best results.

Always add value

Making cold calls and actively searching for clients and candidates is often part of the recruitment process. When it’s time to approach someone for recruitment, it’s essential that you don’t come across in a way that will have you treated as spam… in the junk folder!

Get to the point quickly, and keep the entire approach brief and focused, but always find a way to add value to your clients and candidates.

Show clients how they can benefit by working with you and show candidates how you can improve their career. Keep your promises grounded, and never promise anything you can’t deliver.

Keep business flowing

Recruiters and recruiting firms should always be on the lookout for prospective candidates and clients. You never know when a job order is going to fall through or be put on hold for an extended period.

Your competition is likely working just as hard as you are, and labour is still in high demand, so you need to make sure you’re always striving to meet your pipeline goals and are using effective reporting tools to evaluate how well your strategy is doing.

Use smart technology

One of the chief ways to be a top recruiter is by utilizing the latest technology to get ahead of the competition.

Your prospects’ communication habits are evolving faster than ever before, which means that you must adapt your approach quickly too.

CloudCall allows you to take communication to the next level. With our solutions, you can reach your prospects quickly and efficiently, so you can grow your business and increase your productivity.

Book a demo today and learn more about how CloudCall can optimize your business development strategies for recruiters.

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