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Customer stories – seamless integrations with CloudCall

Keeping up to date with client and customer conversations has never been easier. Our platform integrates into CRM systems; increasing productivity, streamlining tedious processes and reducing overheads.

Collect valuable call data and look at the ways you can improve with our reporting features. Gaining insight into your business’s conversations with customers can have direct impacts on efficiency, customer satisfaction and even business growth. Intrigued?

Seamless integrations with CloudCall. It’s what we do, and we’re great at it! See what our customers have to say:

“CloudCall is more than just a telephone system. It integrates into all the different systems that we use.” – Spencer Trigg, Director, Quanta Consultancy Services

“The ability to see the call history on the screen makes it easy to return calls and to save new contact information in our CRM.” – Andrew Papadopoulos, Head of Operations and Compliance, Cognitive Group

“Our recruiters love CloudCall and that everything is all in one solution and integrated into Bullhorn.” – Dan Cushing, Managing Partner at Connexion Systems + Engineering

“If you’re looking for a phone integration system into your CRM that is light touch, and intuitive, then I think CloudCall is the best tool.” – Stephen Gicquel, Managing Director and Founder, SLG

Realized you needs some of that CloudCall integration magic? Request a call back to discover how we can help!

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