How to Measure Sales Performance Using CloudCall Dashboards

How to Measure Sales Performance With CloudCall Dashboards

To get the most out of your sales team and drive them towards achieving improved results you will need to measure their performance. Sales management dashboards have long been the go-to for monitoring high-level performance. They allow you to filter down data, highlighting only the key elements that provide valuable insight into a team’s success. 

Real-time monitoring of relevant data throughout the day allows setbacks in performance to be identified as they occur and might enable deeper issues to be realised and corrected. Sharing dashboards with a team can also encourage motivation, productivity and provides clear goals. 

Creating Custom Dashboards in CloudCall 

We’ve built a simple setup wizard to create your dashboard with the required number of rows & columns. Then set the fields you would like to display. You can also use the advanced features to create daily targets, KPIs and set filters to only display calls from your chosen team. Any device with a web browser can display a dashboard using a unique URL. This means you can easily connect wall mounted TVs around the office.  

Our favourite fields for sales performance are total successful calls and average call duration. Total calls will show activity and average call duration will give a good indication of the quality of calls your team are making.  

When everything is setup your dashboard should look something like this: 

It’s up to you to decide how you want your dashboard to be built and used. Each business or industry has its own specific requirements which is why our platform allows full customization.  

Dashboards allow for better decision making, save time when compiling reports, and provide the whole team with on-demand access to the right data. This allow every member of a team to be accountable for their own performance and encourages employees who a want to see the numbers continuously improve.  

Our Top 3 Tips for Creating Your Dashboard:

  1. Before starting, it helps to have clear goals in mind which define the purpose of the dashboard.  
  2. A dashboard should only display necessary information so as to not overcomplicate the display. 
  3. It also helps to plan the physical location of a dashboard in order to think about how it will be seen. 

Book a call with a member of the CloudCall team to find out more about how our dashboards can help to improve your sales team’s performance or discover how CloudCall’s additional features will allow you to have better conversations.  


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