Tools to keep your remote team connected

It can be hard keeping in touch with your remote team.  But whether it’s for new team members, or existing ones, there are ways to to improve how you’re connecting. 

‘But, how do I do that?’, we hear you ask. Well, that’s where we come in. Maestro: queue the music! 

CloudCall was built with daily users in mind, we created our systems to integrate into your existing CRM system. Our aim is to provide you with features to boost your productivity and to keep you better connected. 

With CloudCall’s CRM integration, you get a single view of your customers, clients and candidates, within the existing CRM records. 

But how does this magical technology help you stay better connected to your team? Let’s take a look.  

Always stay updated 

As we said, with CloudCall you (and your team) can view one single source of truth for your contacts. Within each contacts CRM records, you (and again, your team) can look back on the full history of communications with that contact. That’s all the calls, texts, emails, notes… everything. 

And it doesn’t stop there! When you use our Call Recordings feature, the call’s themselves also get saved to the contacts record. So, you can also listen back to past calls if you need to better understand any previous conversations. 

Give live support 

Supervisors using our telephony system are able jump in and save the day on their agent’s calls, with our live support options. You use Monitor to listen in to a call, Whisper to give support or words of wisdom to your agent, or Barge to take over from the agent completely. 

Whether training new starters, or supporting colleagues on difficult calls, these features are some that our customers can’t do without. 

Improve collaboration 

There are a few different features of our integration that will help your recruitment teams to work better remotely. One of these is Instant Messaging, a great tool that allows quick and easy contact with your colleagues.  

With Instant Messaging, sharing information about a candidate or a customer has never been easier. You can save on the time it takes to trawl the through CRM and even stop typing out the information yourself! By sending a candidate or client’s CRM record instantly to a colleague via Instant Messenger, everyone on the team can quickly, and easily access the same information.

CloudCall can support your remote team on the road to success. Discover how easy it is to get started.

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